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Triumph over trauma, rediscover yourself, and communicate who you are!

With a coach, you're not alone. Trauma can cause anxiety, cloud your judgment, steal your identity and make you live over or underwhelmed. I will help you foresee your transformation and receive healing. Together we will shut the fear up and break the silence that keeps you bound.

Thank you for getting support!

"Don't allow fear to fake you out of your future."

Stressed Woman

 I serve...

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Female Entrepreneurs

Helping you to navigate your caretaking responsibilities and break through fear barriers to excel as a businesswoman. Supporting you while digging deep, scaling wide to make an impact, and gaining confidence in your pursuits.

A salesperson handing a bag to a shopper

Working Wife

Helping you see yourself as “good enough” instead of just serving others. Establish self-trust and boldness to speak up about what you deserve. You gain the knowledge and wisdom needed to make conscious decisions that propel you to higher heights without fear.

Online Class

Work From Home Mom

Helping you break through the fear of getting visible; set boundaries in your home life and get clear on self-care and needs. You learn the importance of balance, accepting change, and balancing uncomfortable situations. 


KRISTIE is a spiritual midwife who uses her gift of prophecy with divine creativity to help women birth new ways of communicating their triumphs over the trauma they have kept secret. She is a dynamic pacesetter amongst women who want to regain their spiritual and mental clarity. As a minister of Christ's Gospel, transformational speaker, coach, author, and entrepreneur, Kristie moves to the chance to remove veils from the eyes of women who have been forced to keep quiet. She encourages boldness in those unconscious or afraid and motivates them to share God's goodness and His glory in their stories. 

​She is a bold speaker about the mental struggles women keep secret. Her story of overcoming identity challenges catapults her message of grace, growth, and generosity. Kristie was delivered from lesbianism, learned how to stop being bullied, defeated anxiety and depression, killed suicidal ideation with the light of life, shut up the fear of failure, and no longer lives to please others. 

She uses her testimony of transformation to inspire other women to talk about the trials and triumphs they keep quiet. She wants to help women escape the unhealthy mental cycles that keep them "shhhd"! Kristie wants them to know they can live to talk about it, write for their life, practice self-care, and embrace community the Christ way. She says, "We write for our life, but we write especially for the lives of others."

After publishing five books and creating courses, workshops, and workbooks, Kristie has made a creative statement and continues to make a mark for others to draw from.

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